Thursday, November 15, 2018

√ How To Block Calls On Xiaomi Phones Running MIUI OS (GUIDE)

Tired of annoying spam calls or marketing calls? Or do you want to block the incoming call from any number? Here's another MIUI tutorial on blocking calls at Xiaomi MIUI OS.

In our daily lives, we often receive spam calls from many marketing agencies. These calls are very annoying and bother us a lot during our daily work. Sometimes we wanted to avoid calls from a specific person due to personal issues with that person.

Xiaomi MIUI OS makes it easy to stop incoming calls with a specific number. We don't need to download an app to do that. MIUI has integrated this feature into their Contacts app.

Steps to block incoming calls on MIUI

You don't need to configure anything to restrict calls on your device. Xioami has already integrated these features into MIUI. All you need to do is add the phone number you want to avoid calls.

  • Go to "Setting-> System Apps> Call Callations > Lock List."
  • Activate the block list by moving the switch.
  • To block any number, click on the Locked Nummern.> Click "Add" and select a contact or enter the contact you want to manually lock.

How To Block Calls On Xiaomi Phones Running MIUI OS

That's it! All incoming calls are blocked by this number. There are many features available that you can use as needed. Check out this guide to stop learning about MIUI Blocklist.

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