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√ How to Install TWRP Recovery on Xiaomi Phones (GUIDE)

How to Install TWRP Recovery on Xiaomi Phones (GUIDE)

We always need a custom recovery to flash the flashable ZIP files. The most commonly used flash files such as SuperSU, Magisk Zip and Xposed installer. Learn how to install TWRP Recovery on Xiaomi Phones in this post.

Team Win Recovery Project (TWRP) is now the most popular custom recovery for Android smartphones and tablets. The popularity of the recovery is based on the simple user interface, features, and ease of availability.

The user can use TWRP Recovery for various purposes, such as custom ROMs, kernels, mods, flashable zip files, Xposed installer, Magisk or SuperSU, to grant root access.

You can also perform a full backup of the phone with the help of recovery to restore it if needed. Below is the easiest way to get Flash TWRP recovery on Xiaomi phones.


Install TWRP Recovery on any Xiaomi Phone

Unlocking the device's boot loader is the essential step in flashing TWRP recovery on the Xiaomi devices. If you have already unlocked the boot loader, it will continue.

We will flash the custom recovery with Fasboot commands while you plug in your Xiaomi phone in fastboat mode. This method is common on all Xiaomi devices, except Android One Phones such as the Mi A1.

1. First, activate USB debugging on the device. You can skip this step if you have already activated it when you unlock the boot loader.

How to Install TWRP Recovery on Xiaomi Phones (GUIDE)

How to activate USB debugging:

  • Go to Settings > About Telefon> Tap "MIUI Version" 7-8 times. This activates "developer options " on the device.
  • Go back to Setting-1 Additional Setting-> Developer options. Scroll down and enable USB debugging on the device, which is essential.

2. Make sure you have installed the drivers for USB drivers and ADB & Fastboot. Also, download the correct TWRP recovery of your device and drop the downloaded recovery on your computer.

3. Switch to the folder where you have stored the downloaded TWRP recovery. Rename the downloaded recovery as  "recovery.img " or  "twrp.img ." That makes it easier for you.

Press the right mouse button in this folder while holding down the switch button. Choose from the Open PowerShell window options for older operating systems: "Open command windows here." The prompt opens.

4. Reboot the phone in fastboat mode. Turn off the phone completely and at the same time press for a few seconds to reduce the button on + volume you are in quick start mode.

How to Install TWRP Recovery on Xiaomi Phones (GUIDE)

5. Connect the device to the computer via a USB cable.

6. Now you need to enter some commands to complete the flashing.

In the PowerShell window, enter the following command to check the list of connected devices.

fastboot devices
How to Install TWRP Recovery on Xiaomi Phones (GUIDE)

7. Here is the command to flash the TWRP recovery directly on your smartphone.

fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
How to Install TWRP Recovery on Xiaomi Phones (GUIDE)

At the end of the command, you must enter the name of the downloaded TWRP recovery file. If you've already changed the file name to "recovery.img," you don't need to change the command.

Or simply enter the file next to  "Fastboot Flash Recovery ." The name of your recovery ends with . "img ."

8. Within a few seconds, TWRP Recovery will be displayed on the device. You can enter the following line in the prompt to restart the device normally.

fastboot reboot

That's it! You have successfully installed TWRP Recovery on Xiaomi Phone. You can use this recovery for various things we mentioned above.

How do I start the TWRP recovery interface?

To boot in recovery, turn off your device, press the switch-on button + luder button until the TWRP logo is displayed.

At the first start, you will be asked for "permitted changes in system partitions." You can  "swipe to allow changes ," or read it just to your liking.

How to Install TWRP Recovery on Xiaomi Phones (GUIDE)

So this was the general guide to installing TWRP recovery on Xiaomi smartphones. The availability of TWRP recovery depends on the TWRP team or some Android developers. Also, flash the correct TWRP recovery to avoid problems with the start loop and when bricking.

Share this post with friends as well. Make comments below if you have problems with the flash process.

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