Tuesday, September 3, 2019

√ Xiaomi Mi 9, New Concept Reveals The Possible Definitive Design

Xiaomi Mi 9, New Concept Reveals The Possible Definitive Design

For about a year, the Chinese company Xiaomi has officially landed also in Italy, bringing with it several really interesting smartphones. Among these, the most important were undoubtedly the devices belonging to the Mi series, or the Mi 8 along with all its variants. However, it is already beginning to talk about the successor of the Mi 8, or the alleged Xiaomi Mi 9. In the last hours, in particular, was published a first concept that reveals the possible definitive design of this new smartphone.

Xiaomi Mi 9: narrow notch and biometric sensor integrated into the display?

For the past few weeks, the first rumors have been circulating on the next top of the Xiaomi house, the alleged Mi 9. The well-known leaker Benjamin Geskin, in particular, has recently published on his Twitter profile a first concept of this smartphone revealing to us. , the possible design.

As you can see from the image, the design of this alleged Mi 9 will not differ much from that of its predecessor. The body, in fact, seems to be made of glass and seems to have the same lines as the Mi 8. To change, however, would be two things. The camera and the notch bar.

On the back, in fact, this Mi 9 has a triple rear chamber with the first two sensors placed vertically together (as on the Mi 8) while the second is placed separate below them. On the front, then, the upper notch bar is always present. This, however, is decidedly narrower and less cumbersome than that implemented on the current model. This could therefore allow you to view notifications correctly in the status bar, given the various problems this year. Finally, from this concept it is possible to notice the presence of a fingerprint sensor integrated in the display (seen, so far, only on the Mi 8 Explorer Edition of Xiaomi).

In short, this concept would result in a smartphone that does not disrupt the design of the current Mi 8 but, however, files and improves some small defects of the last model. It will be necessary to see, however, whether this design will actually be confirmed or not in the future.

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