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√ Instructions: Install TWRP & Xiaomi ROM on Xiaomi Smartphones

Custom Recovery (TWRP) & Xiaomi.EU ROM install on Xiaomi phones

If you have installed TWRP on your Xiaomi smartphone, all possible ROMs can be easily installed via this Custom Recovery. TWRP even works with the Xiaomi Update APP and you can also download ROMs and start installing it via the Update app. These ROMs are then recorded via TWRP Recovery. Even if you want to reset your smartphone in the option menu, you will be automatically booted into the TWRP and the phone will be reset to factory condition.

The installation of TWRP on your Xiaomi mobile phone is therefore not at a disadvantage, but lets you install the Xiaomi.EU ROM that we recommend, for example. In this guide, you will learn how to install TWRP on your device and then use it to flash the Xiaomi.EU. Once you have installed TWRP, however, you can also install all other ROMs for your device in the same way.

Preparation for the installation of TWRP

  • The boot loader must be unlocked [For guidance]
  • Download the corresponding TWRP file for your device. To do this, open the thread with the latest version number on the Xiaomi.eu website. Then in the table assign the respective "board name" to your device (example: Xiaomi MI2/s = aries) and then download HERE.

  • Install minimal ADB and fastboat
  • Back up all the data on your device! The instructions are at your own risk! At least 50% battery level!

Preparation for the installation of Xiaomi.EU ROM

You only have to follow this part of the guide if you want to install the latest Xiaomi.EU ROM in addition to TWRP.

  • Download the Xiaomi.EU ROM: On the Xiaomi.eu website, open the thread with the latest version number. Check the table to see which ROM name is associated with your device.

  • Enter the Rome name in the search bar on Android filehost. Download the latest version for your phone (make sure the ROM name matches exactly).

  • Copy the downloaded file to your phone's internal memory.

Installation of TWRP

  • Unpack the downloaded TWRP file and save it in the "Minimal ADB and Fastboot folder."

  • Start minimal ADB and fastboat, turn off smartphone and hold down the tiser button and power button until "fastboat" (a small MITU plays around on an Android robot) appears. Now connect the phone to the PC.
  • In the window on the PC now "fastboot flash recovery twrp.img" and then "fastboot boot twrp.img"

  • Now switch your TWRP to Deush, just follow this image guide:

Installation of Xiaomi.EU ROM (or any other ROM) with TWRP

You have now installed TWRP Recovery on your phone. Previously, you copied the latest Xiaomi.EU ROM on your mobile phone storage. This ROM will now be installed with TWRP note: If for any reason you no longer have a system available, you simply move the file to a micro SD.

If your Xiaomi phone does not support a memory extension, then you can use a USB stick with OTG cable. Then boot in TWRP. There are two ways to do this. When switched off, hold down the louder button and power button at the same time. Alternatively, you can boot out of the system in TWRP:

Before you install the new ROM in TWRP, you need to delete your previous system. In the TWRP you have to do a WIPE. You can then install the Xiaomi.EU or any other TWRP capable ROM.

This is simply selected via the "install/install" menu item, the ROM file previously copied to the mobile phone memory. Follow the illustrated instructions:

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